Helping align clients around the
elements of complex digital initiatives

Refuel your


In the transition from legacy to digital operations, a new way of thinking is required. We have more technological reach than ever, yet still struggle to monetize data by delivering an engaging customer experience.

Repeatedly deliver your ideal state with focus and alignment.

GR66 identifies the organizational data relative to delivering the ideal experience and uses the APEX method to quickly align and focus leadership around these drivers of revenue.

Data and analytics are changing the way business is done. Data is now treated as a true asset with an actual monetary value assigned to it, just like physical assets, intellectual property, and brand equity. Before companies can make meaningful strides with data monetization, they must first set up the fundamental building blocks with APEX.


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Group R66 is a purpose-built service group driven to help align clients around the elements of complex digital initiatives. We utilize our proprietary methodology along with our tenure to provide a framework to avoid potholes on the constantly evolving digital highway.