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In this rapidly evolving transformative age, accelerated change creates limitless opportunities, demanding customer insight and leadership alignment. APEX is a revenue-based framework designed to focus leaders around their drivers of revenue. The disruptive economic force of digital requires a new model. This is it.

Optimize customer equity with data-driven action

Change management planning for organizational owners, leaders, and decision-makers.

Our team of trusted guides will maneuver around the turbulence of the constantly evolving digital highway to help you reach your destination.

Organizational Machining : APEX

APEX is a revenue-based framework that focuses and aligns organizational leadership around the drivers of revenue. The disruptive economic force of digital requires a new model. Optimize customer equity using data to drive your organizational machine.

Acquire, Retain, Grow

APEX drivers improve customer equity, reinforce operational effectiveness, enhance marketing metrics, and simplify technical deployments. Continuous evaluation, alignment, and advancement ensures the success of digital projects and increases quality of earnings.

“17% of directors say their boards are sponsoring digital initiatives yet only 16% fully understand how industry dynamics affecting their companies are changing.”


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Group R66 is a purpose-built service group driven to help align clients around the elements of complex digital initiatives. We utilize our proprietary methodology along with our tenure to provide a framework to avoid potholes on the constantly evolving digital highway.