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Is your organization attuned to what the customer needs? Can you afford to deliver what customers request? Can you accept what customers say they experience without first telling them what they should experience?

Change means breaking and reforming relationships with things we care about. 70% of change initiatives fail to meet expectations. Why? Because implementing change is a significant, disruptive, and emotionally taxing undertaking.

To produce maximum results, change needs to be approached as a unified, disciplined process constructed around a repeatable framework, like APEX.

Humans Are Not Machines

But the best companies run like machines. We cannot manage what we do not measure. We cannot improve what is not aligned.

The customer data moving through each company offers insight, understanding, and opportunity. APEX isolates this data to expand the operational picture and increase transparency into the drivers of revenue.

APEX helps “machine” the organization toward delivery of the ideal state by instilling AI/ML across these drivers of revenue and maintaining leadership focus on the levers and gears required to produce the ideal experience, over and over again.

Optimize customer equity with data-driven action.

1. Transformation encourages reflection, self-analysis, alignment, and focus

2. Intact leadership groups are key leverage points for change

3. Change requires collaborative relations with a change agent, like Group GR66

4. APEX produces a playbook for maintaining long range, planned, sustained transformation efforts aligned with company vision

5. The company’s culture & processes are key strategic points for implementing change (I.e. Customer Experience)

6. APEX augments organizational optics to be more data-driven and reflective

7. The process builds financial, emotional, and cultural commitment from stakeholders


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Group R66 is a purpose-built service group driven to help align clients around the elements of complex digital initiatives. We utilize our proprietary methodology along with our tenure to provide a framework to avoid potholes on the constantly evolving digital highway.